How To Repack Inflate Life Jacket

How To Repack Inflate Life Jacket

How To Repack Inflate Life Jacket

  1. To deflate the life jacket,remove and invert the black cap on the oral inflation tube.Press down on the black cap while compressing the air chamber to remove the air from inside the inflate life jacket.Once the air chamber is fully deflated,return the black cap onto the top of the oral inflation tube.
  2. Lay the jacket on a clean flat surface and flatten the air chamber and the life jacket.
  3. Replace the CO2 cartridge and re-arm the auto inflation device.
  4. Fold the side with the CO2 cartridge in half.Insure that the pull cord is not trapped under the air bag,but it positioned to hang out of the bottom of the jacket.
  5. Fold the crease of the fold you just made to the inner edge of the air chamber.
  6. Fold the outer edge of the air bag to the inner edge of the air chamber.
  7. Cover the first folded side of the air bag with outer jacket and Velcro the side closed.
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 on the other side of the jacket.
  9. There should now only be a position of the air chamber exposed out of the top of the inflate life jacket.Simply fold the remaining portion of the air chamber onto itself,tuck it into the jacket and Velcro the jacket closed.

Notes of Re-arming inflate Life Jacket
-Changing Bobbin

The bobbin should be replaced immediately after the life jacket has been used. Unscrew the transparent capsule and install the new bobbin.Note,the white side should face outward before screwing on the capsule.Screw the capsule back on.The capsule should only be hand tight.

-Changing CO2 Cylinder

A CO2 cylinder with 1/2 inch threads is required.Simply unscrew the old cylinder and replace with a new cylinder(Do not use any tools).Check the rubber O-ring located inside the connection device.Replace the O-ring if it is broken.

Maintenance of Inflatale life jackets

  1. Do not drop the inflate life jacket from a substantial height.
  2. Keep out of direct sun for long periods of time.
  3. Keep the life jacket away from oils,acids,alkali,sharp objects,etc.
  4. Check the air chamber regularly for damage and/or leaks.Replace the inflate life jacket if any leaks are found.
  5. Replace the CO2 cylinder after each use.
  6. Store the inflate life jacket in a cool place out of the sun.
  7. Check expiration date of CO2 cartridge.
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