Your Professional Inflatable PFD Belts Manufacturer in China

We offer a wide range of inflatable PFD belts that meet the safety requirements for different water sports. These are safe to use without obstructing mobility.


PFD belts are required for any water sport to ensure safety. These are worn around the waist and can be inflated when pulled. PDF belts feature a quick release mechanism for emergency situation use. It comes with different reflective strip colors for night visibility and a storage pocket for storing valuables such as keys.

PFD belts are easy to use. It has a strap that can be wrapped around the waist and a buckle for a secure connection. When used in the water, the tab should be pulled to inflate the PFD. It has a floatation bag that can inflate into the full jacket.

At iOCEAN, we provide a broad range of PFD belts that are made from different materials such as nylon and more. We manufacture inflatable life belts using our advanced production techniques and facilities. Our R&D team offers OEM and ODM designs of PDF belts to meet your specific requirements. We are certified by CE, ISO, and more standards.


CQYD-100N Life belt
CQYD/I-100N Life belt
CQYD/II-100N PDF belt pack
CQYD/X-100N Fishing life belt
CQYD/IV-100N inflatable life belt

Advantages of iOCEAN PDF Belts


We offer PDF belts that are designed with adjustable waist strap and lightweight for a comfortable use.

Unique Designs
Unique Designs

iOCEAN PFD belts are available in unique designs that are safe for boaters, paddlers, and more without compromising mobility.

High-Quality Materials
High-Quality Materials

iOCEAN produced PDF belts that are designed with neoprene lined back panels and fully sublimated front shell panel.

Custom Sizes
Custom Sizes

At iOcean, we can provide custom sizes based on your requirements. We also have adult universal size that fits up to 52”.

Features of PFD Belts

  • Inflates into a full life jacket
  • Ultra-slim
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to pull cord for inflation
  • Oral inflatable tube
  • Zippered pocket
  • Soft and breathable
  • D-ring attachments
  • Front attachment loop
Features of PFD Belts

Why Choose iOCEAN PFD Belts?

Minimalist and Lightweight
Minimalist and Lightweight

We offer PFD belts that are lightweight and slim designs. These are perfect for applications such as:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Paddle boarding
Easy Pull-Cord Inflation
Easy Pull-Cord Inflation

Our PFD belts are designed with easy pull-cord and oral tube inflation.

  • Non-restrictive
  • Comfortable to use
  • Cool fit
  • “I have purchased bulk quantity PFD belts at iOCEAN. All the belts are high-quality and made from superior grade materials. The soft neoprene lining is also awesome.”

  • “Thank you, iOCEAN for the durable and easy to use PFD belts. Plus, the services and staff are very professional. iOCEAN really helped my business to succeed.”

  • “I’m glad that I found iOCEAN as my supplier of high-quality, professionally-made, and safe to use PFD belts for my business. Thank you, iOcean!”

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