Paddle Board Manufacturer in China

iOCEAN is a professional supplier that offers a wide range of paddle boards with different sizes, designs, and colors.

  • Fully printed designs
  • Small MOQ
  • Free design consultation
  • Customization services

iOCEAN Custom Paddle Boards

Paddle boards are made from superior-grade materials that are lightweight. These are also durable while providing a very low cost. Paddle boards come in different types including inflatable and stand-up. It is available in different accessories such as kayak paddle attachments. Paddle boards with extra wide designs are also available.

Here at iOCEAN, we manufacture all types of paddle boards according to your requirements. We have an R&D team to customize its designs, colors, and sizes. You can guarantee that iOCEAN can offer after-sales services, quick responses on your inquiries, a professional sales team, and strict quality control.

Inflatable Paddle Board
Inflatable Paddle Board

The inflatable paddle board is equipped with a hand pump, backpack, leash, and repair kit accessories. It is made from stitch, PVC, and EVA materials.

Paddle Board for Fishing
Paddle Board for Fishing

The paddle board for fishing is applicable to use in rivers, lakes, and sea. These are available in different colors such as blue, yellow, green.

Unisex Paddle Board
Unisex Paddle Board

The unisex paddle is applicable to different people from children to adults. These are very easy to use, assemble, main and clean.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

iOCEAN water sports provide sup stand-up paddle board (SUP) that is used all around for fishing, surfing, Yoga, and other water activities.

Adventure Touring Paddle Board
Adventure Touring Paddle Board

iOCEAN provides an adventurous touring paddle board that is made from EPS core, fiberglass, and epoxy materials. It is available in different designs.

Paddle Board for Water Sports
Paddle Board for Water Sports

The paddle boards for water sports is super soft, comfortable, and UV resistant. It is made from double wall drop stitch body constructions.

iOCEAN Hardboard and Inflatable Paddle Boards

Here at iOcean, we have a wide range of paddle boards including the inflatable and hardboard. Hardboard offers solid and high performance in the water. It is smooth and can travel in the water faster than an inflatable. These types of paddle boards are available in different sizes. It also provides more stability when used.

On the other hand, inflatable paddle boards are made from PVC exteriors. These are designed with drop-stitch construction. It is ideal to use for limited storage space. These are also great for traveling, hiking, whitewater paddling, and SUP yoga.

iOcean Hardboard and Inflatable Paddle Boards
Paddle Board Applications

Paddle Board Applications

We manufacture a wide range of paddle boards that are suitable for the following use:

  • Large retail chains
  • SUP board brands
  • Promotional items
  • Events
  • Campaigns
  • Merchandizing
  • Sweepstakes prizes
  • Competitions

Paddle Board Accessories

All our paddle boards come with different accessories including:

  • Traction pad
  • Inflating nozzles
  • Fin boxes
  • Fins
  • Leash
  • Paddle
  • Handles
  • Bags
  • Cartons
Paddle Board Accessories

Paddle Board Hull Types

Displacement Hull
Displacement Hull
  • Pointed bow or nose
  • Smooth and fast ride
  • Improved efficiency in pushing water
  • Suitable for long distance
  • Suitable for fitness paddling
  • Ideal for racing or SUP camping
Planing Hull
Planing Hull
  • Flat and wide surface
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Ideal for paddling
  • Suitable for white water use
  • SUP yoga
  • Surfing

iOcean Factory Paddle Board Production Process

Raw Material
Raw Material

We used different raw materials to ensure the quality of the paddle boards. Among the materials we used are:

  • Double layer PVC sheets for the main paddle board body
  • We used strings to connect lower and upper PVC sheets to ensure their final thickness
Quality Control and Machining
Quality Control and Machining

After preparing the raw materials, it undergoes quality control from our warehouse and starts the machining process.

  • Quality control on all components
  • We use a CNC machine to draw the paddle board outlines
  • Laser cutting the outline
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