iOCEAN Inflatable Life Vests Pass the CE Approval


Ningbo, China, August 14, 2017 – iOCEAN Water Sports, a global leader in supplying water sporting goods, today announced that its inflatable life vests have passed the CE approval. The inflatable life vests feature high-strength material, high performance, and a lightweight,compact design.

iOCEAN inflatable life vests are designed to help in many life-saving situations such as the ocean, inland waterway navigation, water sports, and fishing. “Once you tie and launch the iOCEAN life jackets, with your head above the water surface, we are quite certain that rescue operations will be easy and simple,” said Jacky Woo, the iOCEAN general manager. “As a company, we strive to solve all marine safety problems, with our iOCEAN inflatable life vests that conform to the ISO 12402-3 standards.”

The new iOCEAN inflatable life vests provide a minimum buoyancy of 150N. They come in two sizes for both children and adults.

Apart from these, marine offshore workers can also choose from solas life jackets specifically designed for commercial vessels and inflatable life jackets for either boating or fishing. They all have a minimum buoyancy of 150N.

As part of safety compliance, iOCEAN ensures that every inflatable life vest is CE compliant. For this reason, you will find all inflatable life vests that have passed strict quality tests having a CE mark.

All these go in hand with other quality tests such as those by the U.S. Coast Guard. To meet these standards, iOCEAN works closely with the Underwater Laboratory Incorporated (UL).

Every iOCEAN inflatable life vest meets the European Standards (EU) besides the CE requirements. This is to ensure they conform to the recommended safety ratings as far as buoyancy, material specification, appropriate user guide, design and performance are concerned.

About Company

Ningbo Xingdun Import and Export Co.,Ltd. is a leading supplier of water sports equipment.It is able to offer the following water sporting goods,towable water tubes, inflatable life vests, full face snorkel mask, kayaks, pool floats, snorkeling set.

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