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iOCEAN manufactures a huge selection of high-quality life jackets for fishing, boating, kayaking, offshore work, commercial vessels, and other applications.
We are also providing OEM/ODM services to meet your specific needs. Worthy of your trust!

iOCEAN Life Jacket

Life jackets are also called PFD or personal flotation device. They can prevent the wearer from drowning in water. They come in the form of a suit or vest. Moreover, they have 3 main types: buoyancy aids, survival suits, and life jackets. Kayakers, stand-up paddle boarders, canoers, and others benefit from the life jackets.

iOCEAN offers life jackets in various sizes to meet variations in body weight. Our life jackets are also available in different designs, colors, and other specifications. They can provide excellent protection to the wearers.

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Advantages of iOCEAN Life Jackets


Our life jackets are very comfortable to wear. They will not limit your movements when paddling or kayaking.


Life jackets are versatile. You can use them for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, waterskiing, and paddle boarding.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

The life jackets need very little maintenance. When not being used, you can just keep them dry, clean, and away from the sun.


iOCEAN manufactures life jackets from excellent quality foam, neoprene, and other high-strength materials.

Life Jacket Applications

Life jackets are worn so you will remain afloat, prevent drowning, and provide immediate support to someone who falls overboard accidentally. They are worn on large vessels, small watercraft, and other locations where people might fall into deep water accidentally.
Moreover, they are used for swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, fishing, river rafting, waterskiing, and other activities done in the water.

life jackets Standards & Certificate

Standards & Certificate

Our life jackets adhere to international standards. Therefore, we guarantee you that our jackets are safe to use. They have met international standards such as:

      • ISO 12402-5:2006
      • ISO 12402-4:2006
      • ISO 12402-3:2006
      • ISO 12402-2:2006
      • SOLAS/MED
      • Certificate: CE, RINA, CCS

Why Choose iOCEAN

Flexible Payment Terms

iOCEAN accepts L/C, T/T, Western Union, and Paypal payments. All of our life jackets have been inspected before shipping. We also make sure to fully refund if the life jackets are not approved.

Full Set Certification

We are manufacturing life jackets in accordance with international standards. Our life jackets have received approval certificates from CE, CCS, EC,ZY, RINA, and more.

Fast Delivery

We have many life jackets in stock. Our stock goos can be delivered in 5 working days and 20 to 35 days for customized life jackets.

Quick Response

During working hours, our sales team can respond to your questions within 12 hours. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have an urgent question about our life jackets.

Life Jacket Types

Type I – Inherently Buoyant Jackets
Type I – Inherently Buoyant Jackets

Type I jackets are used for rough, remote, or open water. They have the best protection and greatest buoyancy of over 20 pounds. For adults, the minimum buoyancy is about 22 lbs. and 11 lbs. for children. Type I jackets are great for:

  • fishing, cruising, and racing offshore
  • in stormy conditions
  • boating alone
Type II – Inflatable Jackets
Type II – Inflatable Jackets

The type II inflatable jackets are suitable for near shore cruising and serious inland. Their minimum buoyancy is about 34 lbs. for adults. Their advantages include:

  • very comfortable
  • more buoyant compared to type II inherently buoyant jackets
Type II – Inherently Buoyant Jackets
Type II – Inherently Buoyant Jackets

Type II inherently buoyant jackets are ideal for:

  • boating in light craft
  • inland water near shore
  • inland day sailing, fishing, and cruising

They have a minimum buoyancy of about 15.5 lbs. for adults. Compared to type I jackets, type II inherently buoyant jackets are less buoyant yet more comfortable.

Type III – Inherently Buoyant Jackets
Type III – Inherently Buoyant Jackets

Type III inherently buoyant jackets have a minimum buoyancy of 15.5 pounds for adults. Compared to type II and type I jackets, they are more comfortable when worn. They are great for supervised activities such as:

  • canoeing, kayaking, and fishing
  • dinghy races, water skiing, and sailing regattas
  • personal watercraft operation
Type III – Inflatable Jackets
Type III – Inflatable Jackets

The applications of type III inflatable jackets include:

  • supervised activities like canoeing, dinghy races, and sailing regattas
  • boating near shore and inshore

Compared to type III inherently buoyant jackets, type III inflatable jackets are more comfortable. They offer a minimum buoyancy of about 22.5 pounds for adults.

Type IV – Throwable Device
Type IV – Throwable Device

Type IV throwable devices or PFDs are made to be tossed to a victim who has fallen overboard or to increase the buoyancy of someone who has fallen overboard. They should not be worn. 16.5 pounds is the minimum buoyancy for ring buoys. And 18 pounds for boat cushions. Type IV devices typically have a square style, horseshoe buoy, or ring buoy mounted on deck.

Type V Life Jackets for Special Use
Type V Life Jackets for Special Use

Type V life jackets are special-use PFDs that should only be used for what they were designed for. They have special uses such as:

  • float coats
  • sailboard harnesses
  • paddling vests
  • deck suits
  • commercial white-water vests or whitewater rafting vests
Type V – Automatic Inflation Types
Type V – Automatic Inflation Types

Some automatic inflation models have built-in foam and CO2 inflation and offer 15.5 to 22 pounds of buoyancy. Typically, automatic inflation models have a minimum buoyancy of about 22.5 to 34 pounds depending on their style. They are only used for their intended applications such as:

  • float coat
  • deck suit
  • belt pack
Type V – Hybrid Inflation
Type V – Hybrid Inflation

Hybrid inflation models are suitable for boating activities where they must be worn when underway and when rescue is nearby. They have 7.5 pounds of built-in foam buoyancy. However, they can be inflated up to 22 pounds. Compared to type I and II jackets, type V jackets are more comfortable to wear. They have different types of inflation mechanisms such as:

  • Water-activated models are automatically inflated
  • Manual models are set by yanking a pull-tab
  • Piercing a CO2 cartridge and releasing gas that inflates the jacket
What are the Applications of Type I Offshore Life Jacket?

The type I offshore life jackets are great to use for offshore applications such as:

  • Fishing
  • Cruising
  • Boating in rough, open, or remote water
What are the Available Life Jacket Sizes?

We offer our life jackets in various sizes that range from infants to adults. They are available in these sizes:

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
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