iOCEAN Full Face Snorkel Mask Passes CE Tests

iOCEAN Full Face Snorkel Mask Passes CE Tests Now Available in the Global Market

Ningbo, China, August 28, 2017 – iOCEAN Water Sports, a global leader in supplying water sporting goods, now welcomes global distributors and clients to buy its full face snorkel mask. iOCEAN snorkel masks are CE certified with ergonomic designs and a 180° view field, making it easy to explore seafloor.

Those who snorkel, especially in places such as Maldives, Bali, Philippines, Fiji, U.S.A., Europe, etc., can now benefit from iOCEAN’s five brands of snorkel masks. The iOCEAN full face snorkel masks also come in 3 different sizes, with custom logo available.

“Our easy breath full face snorkel masks are fully tested and certified as per the CE requirements and this guarantees unmatched performance in harsh environment,” said Jacky Woo, the iOCEAN general manager. “As part of our safety procedures, we ensure the all in one snorkel masks are impact resistant, fit perfectly and guarantee clear vision.”

Every iOCEAN easy breath snorkel mask has a CE mark affixed on them and we works with all its partners to verify these standards. Therefore, snorkel mask distributors within the European Market are assured that they conform to the EU directives. These full face snorkel masks are made from polycarbonate sheet (PC) with liquid silicone. Besides, they have an anti-fog coating on the inside surface.

Therefore, the full face snorkel mask remains impact resistant and durable. Moreover, one can breathe comfortably in water without any fog forming on the surface of the snorkel mask. Also, it features an advanced technology that allows users to breathe through their mouth and nose. They can do this normally as if they are on land.

The iOCEAN full face snorkel mask comes in different sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. The colors available include black, green, blue, pink and many other custom options. Depending on the type of business partnership, iOCEAN water sports help all its clients with the design process. They can also have their custom made logos for OEM partnerships.

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Ningbo Xingdun Import and Export Co.,Ltd. is a leading supplier of water sports equipment.It is able to offer the following water sporting goods,towable water tubes, inflatable life vests, full face snorkel mask, kayaks, pool floats, snorkeling set.

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