Inflatable Life Vests User Manual


Inflatable Life Vests User Manual

Inflatable Life Vests Components

1.CO2 cylinder 2.Manual Inflator 3.Pull Cord 4.Automatic Inflator 5.Reflective Tape 6.Protective Cover 7.Oral Tube 8.Safety Whistle 9.Air Chamber 10.Backing 11.Plastic Buckle / Marine Grade SS Buckle 12.Straps


Inflatable life vest is produced according to ISO 12402-3 standard.The product features high strength material,high performance and a light weight,compact design.It can be used in the ocean,inland waterway navigation,water sports and fishing.This inflatable life jacket utilizes a 33g CO2 cartridge to fill the inner air chamber with a manual pull cord or automatic inflator when submerged under water.

Performance and Features

Inflatable life vests have an independent air chamber that will inflate in 5 seconds by pulling down the pull cord.The life jacket will keep the user’s head,neck and shoulders above water.The life jacket is equipped with reflective tape,oral inflation tube and a safety rescue whistle.The oral inflation tube can be used to manually inflate the air chamber.

How To Use Inflable Life Vests

  1. Read the instructions before use.
  2. Make sure 33g CO2 cartridge is hand tight.
  3. Check each component before wearing.
  4. Wear like a vest,fasten the front buckle and adjust the belt as tight as comfortably possible
  5. Manual inflation:pull the cord found on your right side before entering the water.
  6. Automatic inflation:the life jacket will inflate after being in the water in 5 seconds.If the jacket does not inflate,pull the cord immediately.
  7. Use the manual inflator tube to blow air into the air chamber if the air is not enough after long time.

How to clean inflable life jackets

Hand wash after use in fresh warm water with mild detergent.Do not machine wash,dry clean or use any other clean solutions.

Main Parameters of life jackets

  1. Ambient Temperature for use:-10°F to +120 °F
  2. Inflation time:in 5 seconds
  3. Buoyancy:above 150N
  4. Gas: CO2
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