Inflatable Life Belt User Manual

Inflatable Life Belt User Manual

Inflatable Life Belt Components

1.CO2 cylinder 2.Manual Inflator 3.Pull Cord 4.Reflective tape 5.Protective cap 6.Oral Tube 7.Safety whistle 8.Air Chamber 9.Backing 10.Plastic buckle 11.Belt keepers

Introduction of Inflatable Life Belts

The inflatable waist life belt is produced according to ISO 12402-3 standard.The product features high strength material and a light weight,compact design.The life belt can be used in the ocean,inland waterway navigation,water sports and fishing.The life belt utilizes a 24g CO2 cartridge to fill the inner air chamber with a manual pull cord.

It will inflate within 5 seconds by pulling down on the pulling cord.The inflatable waist belt can keep the user’s head,neck and shoulders above water.It is equipped with reflective tape,oral inflation tube and a safety rescue whistle.The oral inflation tube can be used to manually inflate the air chamber.

How to use the inflatable life belts

  1. Check all straps,components and buckles to insure they are not damaged and are in good condition.If there is any component that is damaged,do not use it.
  2. Wrap the belt around your waist with the “PULL” arrows pointing down and position the buckle in front of you.
  3. Adjust the belt so it fits snug comfortably.
  4. Use the optional belt keepers to secure the life belt to your personal belt.This will help keep the life belt in place.The belt keepers will break away when the air chamber inflates and you are in the water.
  5. The buoyancy of the air chamber will cause the life belt to slide up under your armpits.Do not dive into the water with the life belt on.
  6. Use the oral inflation tube to fill the air chamber as needed.
  7. Use the rescue whistle to signal for help.


-CO2 cartridge is under high pressure and dangerous.Keep CO2 cartridge away from children.Only use as per specifications detail.

-When jumping into the water,cross your arms over the life belt to avoid injury and damage.Avoid jumps higher than 8 feet.

-Test your life belt in a swimming pool to become familiar with its function and behavior in water.Do not use test alone.Always have another adult with you whenever you are in water.

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