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iOCEAN kayak is made of LLDPE material, which is durable, UV-protected, and impact resistant. After years of development, our business has extended to Australia, Europe, North America, Asia, etc. All kayaks have achieved CE Certification.

  • Materials: LLDPE
  • Featured: Durable and UV resistant
  • OEM and ODM Service Available

iOCEAN Kayaks

The kayaks are designed to use for water sports and leisure boating activities. These kayaks are known as water displacement vessels due to they can float on the surface of the waters. It is an excellent way to exercise and relax while boating in the oceans.

iOCEAN provides kayaks for more than 15 years. We make sure that all of our kayaks have passed international standards such as ISO, SGS, CE, RINA, ROHS, and more. Our company offers low MOQ, Fast delivery, and affordable price.

iOCEAN has a powerful R&D team, strong technical force, and a professional marketing team to provide you with quality assurance and after-sales services.

9FT Single Kayak XDSK-VI
9FT Single Kayak XDSK/VI
12FT Double Kayak XDDK-IV
12FT Double Kayak XDDK/IV
Single Kid's Kayak XDSK-I
Single Kid's Kayak XDSK/I
13FT Single Fishing Kayak XDFK-VII
13FT Single Fishing Kayak XDFK/VII
10FT Single Fishing Kayak XDFK-VIII
10FT Single Fishing Kayak XDFK/VIII
Double Pedal Kayak XDSK-XI
Double Pedal Kayak XDSK/XI
Single Pedal Kayak XDSK-IX
Single Pedal Kayak Model XDSK/IX
Single Sit-in Sea Kayak XDSK/XIII
Single Sit-in Sea Kayak XDSK/XIII
Double Transparent Kayak XDDK-XII
Double Transparent Kayak XDDK/XII

Why Choose iOCEAN as Your Leading Kayaks Supplier

Quality control
Quality control

We do quality control checks for the best kayak results and performance. iOCEAN assures to provide quality assurance and after-sales service.

Advance Technology
Advance Technology

In manufacturing kayaks, we look for the future that why we do use advanced technology equipment. We are improving performance of kayaks.

Professional Team
Professional Team

Our company is equipped with a professional team to provide custom-made kayaks for your business needs with a very affordable price.

Customize Services
Customize Services

We provide kayaks that are available in different designs, colors, sizes, and shapes from primitive to handmade kayaks. OEM service is available.

Different Types of Kayaks

We manufactured many types of Kayaks with different designs and characteristics such as:

    • Fishing kayaks
    • Single or Double kayaks
    • Inflatable kayaks
    • Sit-on-top kayaks
    • Sit-inside kayaks
    • Hard-shell kayaks
    • Recreational kayaks
    • Sailing kayaks and customize kayaks
Different Types of Kayak
Materials to Make Kayaks

Materials to Make Kayaks

Some kayaks are made from recycled plastic materials which is known for being environmentally friendly. Polyethylene is one of the materials due to its tough and waxy texture that cannot be affected by water and any chemicals.

After the manufacturing process, the kayaks offers excellent characteristic which can able to stand for different environmental elements, and provide sufficient durability and strength. Aside from most of our kayaks are made from LLDPE materials.

Different Features of Kayak

iOCEAN manufactured kayaks that are able to provide excellent features including:

  • Lightweight
  • Heat resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Soft and smooth
  • Highly durable
  • Provide excellent performance
  • And more.
different features of kayaks
kayaks Manufacturing-Process

Manufacturing Process

In the manufacturing process of kayaks, we are doing step by step process. Below is the following:

  • Loading the mold
  • Molding the hull or deck
  • Assembling the shell
  • Final assembly
  • Final inspections and shipping.
Skyrocket your Business with iocean Kayaks
Skyrocket your Business with iOCEAN Kayaks

As a leading manufacturer of kayaks, we assure to provide high-quality and comfortable kayaks for business needs. ODM & OEM services are available.

  • “Thank you so much iOCEAN for giving me high-quality and very affordable price kayaks for my business. You help me to grow my profit.”

  • “In more than 3 years of finding a reliable supplier of kayaks, luckily I found iOCEAN. Thank you so much for your team that provides me quality assurance and instant reply to answer all my inquiries.”

  • “I already purchase a bulk of order and I can I really services, the quality, and the delivery. All kayaks that I order come on the exact day where I needed them. Thank you iOCEAN, I will always choose you as my top supplier.”

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