Inflatable Life Jacket Manufacturer in China

iOCEAN is a trusted inflatable life jacket manufacturer in China that offers high-quality, durable, and long-lasting features. We customize each inflatable life jacket according to customers’ requirements.

  • ISO12402-2/3 Standards
  • CE Certifications
  • Up to 275N Bouyancy
  • Suitable for boating, fishing, and more

iOCEAN Inflatable Life Jackets

iOCEAN inflatable life vest is produced according to EN ISO 12402-2/3 standards.The product features high strength material and a lightweight,compact design.The life jacket can be used in the ocean, water sports and fishing. iOCEAN inflatable life vests utilizes a CO2 cartridge to fill the inner air chamber with a manual pull cord or automatic inflator when submerged in water.

At iOCEAN, we manufacture all types of inflatable life jackets for marine and commercial businesses. All our inflatable life vests are safe to use while offering improved quality. Our R&D team is committed to providing OEM/ODM inflatable life jacket designs to meet all your requirements. We also offer fast delivery, aftersales services, and flexible payment terms.

CQIF/I-150N Life Jacket
CQIF/X-150N Life Jacket
CQIF-100N Life Jacket
CQIF/II-150N Life Jacket
CQIF/X-75N child inflatable life jacket

Advantages of iOCEAN Inflatable Life Vests


We offer inflatable life vests that are made from durable fabrics and materials. Rest assured that these are puncture and tear resistant.

Excellent Designs
Excellent Designs

Our custom inflatable life jackets are manufactured with excellent designs such as lightweight and slender for warm weather applications.


iOcean offers a wide range of inflatable life jackets that are comfortable to use because of their soft neoprene neckline designs.


We manufacture inflatable life jackets that are customizable according to your size, colors, design, and more specification requirements.


Brand iOCEAN
Standard EN ISO 12402-2/3
Buoyancy 275/150N
Certificate CE
Inflation Manual or Automatic
Designs OEM Service Available
Size Over 80 pounds
Material Nylon
Applications Water Sports
Color Customized upon requests
inflatable life jacket specifications
who we are - iocean 2

iOCEAN Inflatable Life Jackets Designs

We manufacture inflatable life jackets that are comfortable and easy to wear. These are designed with double-chamber or single-chamber bladder so the user will stay at the current water depth. Thus, allowing to swim confidently and safely.

Our inflatable life vests are also manufactured with carbon dioxide gas cartridges. When the cartridges are activated, it will inflate the jacket by releasing the gas. iOcean offers professionally designed inflatable life jackets to enhance swimmer’s safety.

Manual and Automatic Inflatable Life Jackets

At iOcean, we offer a wide selection of inflatable life vest including manual and automatic.

Manual. Manual inflatable life jackets facilitates inflation by pulling a cord to strike the gas cartridge lid.

Automatic. These are made with automatic membrane that triggers the inflation. It becomes water permeable beyond 10cm pressure.

Foam life Jackets vs PFD

Professional Inflatable Life Jackets Supplier in China

inflatable life jacket manufacturer in China
inflatable life vest manufacturer in China

We offer custom inflatable life jackets that are manufactured with different technologies and inflation methods. You can purchase inflatable life vests with manual or automatic inflation. Aside from that, we can also design these jackets with reflective strips to ensure night visibility.

These are also available in a safety harness. All our inflatable life jackets are available in OEM and ODM designs to meet your needs. Here at iOcean, you can guarantee quick response, fast delivery, and a professional sales team.

inflatable life jacket applications
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Craft applications
  • Commercial use
  • Marine industry applications
life jacket certifications
  • CE
  • EC
  • CCS
  • RINA
  • SGS
  • And More

More Inflatable Life Jackets from iOCEAN

Adult Inflate Life Vest
  • Model: CQIF/III-150N
  • Size:Universal Adult size
  • Buoyancy: 150N
  • CE Certificate
Manual Inflatable Life Jacket
  • Model: CQIF/IV-150N
  • Size:Universal Adult size
  • Buoyancy: 150N
  • CE Certificate
Inflatable Snorkel Vest
  • Model: GM26
  • Size:Adult or Child
  • CE Certificate
  • Different Color Available
Auto Inflatable-Life-Jacket-1
Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket
  • Model: GM02
  • Size:Universal Adult size
  • Buoyancy: 150N
  • CE Certificate
Auto Inflation Life Vests
  • Model: GM27
  • Size:Universal Adult size
  • Buoyancy: 150N
  • CE Certificate
Child Inflatable Life Vest
  • Model: GM05
  • Size:Child Size
  • Buoyancy: 80N
  • CE Certificate
What CO2 Cylinder Size Suitable for Inflatable Life Jackets?

The suitable CO2 cylinder size depends on the style of the inflatable jackets such as the following:

  • 16g CO2 cylinder is suitable for 75N inflatable life jackets
  • 24g CO2 cylinder is required for 100N inflatable life vests
  • 33g CO2 cylinder is ideal for 150N inflatable PFD
  • 55g CO2 cylinder is suitable for 275N inflatable life jackets
What Legal Requirements Does an Inflatable Life Jacket Acquire?

Below are the different legal requirements that needs to be followed.

  • Must be approved by EC, CE, CCS, and more standards
  • Must have wearer’s appropriate sizes
  • It must have full cylinder with an indicator
  • Should be in the good condition
  • It should not be used for wearer under 16 years old
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