Life Jackets & Water Sports Equipment Supplier
Life Jackets & Water Sports Equipment Supplier

iOCEAN Water Sports

iOCEAN is a brand of Dongtai City Xingdun Marine Equipment Co.,Ltd. We are located in No. 6, Marine Equipment Industry Park, Xinjie Town, Dongtai City, 224324, Jiangsu, China. Our team is composed of an R&D team to design and manufacture a complete range of life jackets, PFD belts, kayaks, paddle boards, wetsuits, towable tubes, and more.


Who We Are

iOCEAN is a famous water sports equipment brand in China. We are able to offer the following products, including life jackets, PFD belts, kayaks, towable water tubes, life vests, wetsuits, full-face snorkel masks, inflatable floats, stand-up paddle boards, etc.

Quality is our first priority. All of our products are approved by CE certification. With more than 15 years of manufacturing and export experience, we are able to provide OEM service as your requirements.

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inflatable life jacket manufacturer in China

What We Do

iOCEAN is able to offer different kinds of water sports equipment. Our product line mainly includes towable tubes for boats, life jackets, inflatable PFD belts, full-face snorkel masks, kayaks, inflatable floats, paddle boards and wetsuits.

  • Towable Tubes
  • Life Jackets
  • PFD Belts
  • Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Kayaks
  • Inflatable Floats
  • Wetsuits
  • Paddle Boards

Need a Trusted Water Sporting Goods Brand?

You can always rely on iOCEAN. We offer OEM and ODM services to all customers around the world. We also provide after-sales service, flexible payment terms, and fast delivery. Worthy of Your Trust !
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